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About Us

Woodpecker Interiors is an instore and online furniture retailer specialising in furniture collections from around the world. From Pine, and Beech, through to oak, from waxed to painted and combination finishes, every item we sell has been manufactured using only the highest-quality manufacturing and finishing techniques, resulting in aesthetically beautiful furniture products which are also impressively hard-wearing. Dedicated to help our customers discover and choose most unique products, right furniture and home accessories.


Company History

Stylish grey decorated room with dining table and chairs


'Woodpecker Pine' was founded in November 2000 as a one-man company, with the intention of importing exclusively pine furniture, the majority of which were Eastern European antique and reproduction pieces. The venture exploded, and over the next few years the company grew and grew. By 2003 the range had expanded to include a wide variety of furniture, and with the 'Pine' dropped from the name, Woodpecker Interiors was born.


We sell Pine, Oak, Beech, Mahogany painted, modern, traditional, and shabby chic furniture from around the world. We represent manufacturers and importers, such as CH Furniture, CIMC Home, Baumhaus, Derrys, Premier Housewares, Trade Fair International, Charlesworthy, and Hookes, to name but a few. We are updating and adding new ranges constantly, so whatever you are looking for we are confident that you will find it here. Feel free to call us on  or email



Design is about more than just beautiful furniture. It's about how to influence our lives, shape our home, and inspire connections. As we expand we remain committed to beautiful design and above all a brilliant customer experience.